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2014. március 14. - Kriminalhauptmeister Harry

We have launched Derrick and Harry's IT project management blog to start talking about a burning need. A need, that is present everywhere in the world where IT projects appear: to fill the gap between the neat and shiny pages of project management handbooks and the cold reality of real life projects. At those real life projects nothing ever seems to work like you were told at the last management workshop, still you have a battle to fight where you must win. Why Derrick and Harry? Well, it was the two of us, we wanted to investigate project secrets, and wished we could have done do it so effectively as our childhood heroes, the two German investigators.

At the beginning, we were just two friends struggling with the same problems wanting to let it all out on these pages: now we see that it is not just the two of us, but all of us sharing the same challenges, struggles and doubts. IT projects are hellish things that few of us can manage OK, and all of us could manage better. Let's forget those "10 most important steps for successful projects" lists, let's not debate about the definition of a project and lament on what is a successful project and what is not. Let's see what it is really like to do an IT project. Welcome to the desert of the real.

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Cheers, and have fun,

Oberinspektor Stefan Derrick, Kriminalhauptmeister Harry Klein, Privatdetektiv Josef Matula


Articles in English

The Sunday Lunch Project

Sunday Lunch

Project approach is one of the fundamental thoughts that comes to mind when talking about how to do successful IT projects. Many have speculated about the importance of project oriented thinking. Amazing presentations and trainings have been held on the topic, where project theories and methodologies seem to make perfect sense and give an ultimate solution to all of our project challenges. Still, we fail so many times over and over to apply even the basic principles whenever we face real life challenges. (more...)


The Mayan Legend of the First Project and Status Report


As it is widely known, the ancient Maya civilization was highly advanced in the areas of astronomy, mathematics and architecture. Wonderful religious and civil buildings still standing today show the once great glory of Mayan scientists. The famed Mayan calendar even features information about when to expect the next Apocalypse, which beats all calendar applications on the Android market AND the Apple AppStore. Above all this, latest discoveries in the Mexican jungle have shown that besides mathematics and astronomy, Mayas were also masters of project management. (more...)







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